Crisis Before Reinvention -This Practice Eased My Darkest Hours

Before we decide to turn our lives around, to reinvent ourselves, there is often an emotional crisis that sparks the change.

During the darkest moments of the crisis the emotional strain can be almost overwhelming, causing physical symptoms too.

I went through such a crisis when I had to close my business recently.

During my darkest hours there was one tool that helped me incredibly: The detailed and granular expression of my feelings whenever “it” got almost too much to bear.

On my most difficult days, any time an emotional wave hit or pain surfaced, I paused, listened to the feelings in my body, and vividly described to myself what I felt in that moment.

Multiple times a day, I leaned into the sensation and articulated it thoroughly. This provided immediate relief and reduced the frequency of those dark feelings over time.

It helped me accept the situation and take steps to improve it.

I hope this pragmatic, high-impact practice can be useful to you while you forge your extraordinary new path.

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