What I’m Doing Now

Updated March 20th, 2024

Building and creating content for raphaelschagerl.com

  • welcome sequences and shortform content for my newsletters
  • longform content for my blog, Medium, and LinkedIn.

Writing crystallises my thinking and helps a ton with self-actualisation.

Building and polishing my data analyst showcase portfolio
  • repurpose non-sensitive past client projects as showcase pieces
  • revive and clean up my GitHub account
Data is the way I connect to the world, it’s my way of life, it makes me feel like I belong. Read my brief data origin story on LinkedIn.

Creating, thinking about and building around the topic of AI

  • mainly anything and everything to automate and increase the speed, quality, and safety of tasks that don’t require a human touch
  • the end goal being to have more time and freedom to be exquisitely human where it adds value

I fancy myself as somewhat of an AI co-evolution expert (in the making). 

Spending quality time with my partner and our two sons

  • we just moved to the countryside from the big city and our routines are still a mess; so, most of our quality time consists of setting us up to enjoy rural life  
Investing time into building my network (local and global)
  • Last year, I set out to build 1000 genuine and meaningful connections with interesting people. Then, life happened (weak excuse, I know). Now, I’m going to make this a priority again.